British Business Bank

Steel City House
West Street
S1 2GQ
United Kingdom

+44 114 206 2131

Year of creation
individual entities or association
Current institution has existed since 2012. SME loan guarantee scheme since 1981 (with various name and eligibility criteria changes over the intervening years).
Product typology
guarantee or counter-guarantee or co-guarantee
The British Business Bank plc (BBB) is the UK Government’s development bank. It aims to make finance markets work better for small businesses in the UK at all stages of their development; starting up, scaling up and staying strong. It provides a guarantee scheme, the Enterprise Finance Guarantee (EFG), to facilitate lending by banks and other financial institutions to SMEs with viable business propositions but which would otherwise be declined due to the inadequacy of their security.
Profit / Non-profit oriented
dividends to public shareholders are not considered as profit orientation
Supervision statute
i.e. mono-product banking licenses, financial intermediary statute, non-supervised. For associations, please state statute of members
BBB is accountable to a Board of Directors and, as it is Government-owned, ultimately to Ministers and Parliament. BBB’s management of EFG is supervised by BBB’s own risk management and internal and external audit arrangements. Lending institutions’ use of EFG is subject to an audit process performed by independent auditors appointed and paid for by BBB.
Sectorial focus
i.e. agriculture, industry, crafts, retail, liberal professions, cooperatives, etc.
No specific sectoral focus for BBB. EFG is only available in de minimis sectors.
Geographic coverage
i.e. local, regional, national
BBB has a UK-wide remit. EFG operates UK wide. Some participating lending institutions operate UK-wide while others have more localised coverage.
Structure / Network
i.e. central scheme with regional offices, central scheme only, association network
BBB operates from offices in Sheffield (head office) and London. EFG is operated by the Lending Solutions (LS) team based in Sheffield.
Legal form
of single guarantee entity or association: i.e. fund, development bank, development agency, cooperative or mutual societies, bank, foundation, association, limited company, etc.
BBB plc is a Public Limited Company. EFG is operated within a subsidiary, British Business Financial Services Ltd, which delivers programmes underwritten by and on behalf of the UK Government’s Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS). In terms of the formal legal arrangements, the EFG guarantee is provided to the banks and other participating financial institutions as a sovereign guarantee from the Secretary of State for Business, Innovation & Skills.
Shareholder structure
Private / Public (in %)
i.e. fully mutual, funded by SMEs, banking associations, fully public, fully private, private-public, mixed models
Fully Public - wholly owned by UK Government
Type of organization
National Promotional Bank (NPB), National Promotional Institution (NPI), Private, Mutual, Mixed