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AECMs member organisations support SME access to finance

AECM’s member organisations support healthy SMEs with a sound business project, who would otherwise not be able to access loan finance due to a lack of collateral and own funds. By granting a guarantee, guarantee societies provide a substitute for the missing collateral and allow the credit institution to grant the loan by sharing in the default risk.

In this way, guarantee societies make a major contribution to economic growth, social cohesion and regional development in the European Union, since SMEs represent over 98% of all companies and provide a large part of GDP and employment.

Guarantee schemes in Europe

Given the economic importance of SMEs, guarantee organisations have been set up in nearly all European Member States as well as in Montenegro, Russia and Turkey. In addition, guarantee schemes also exist beyond Europe, e.g. in the US, Latin america, Asia and the Mediterranean region. Read more

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AECM has 41 member organisations operating in 21 EU countries, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Russia, Serbia and Turkey. Its members are mutual, private sector guarantee schemes as well as public institutions, which are either guarantee funds or Development banks with a guarantee division. They all have in common the mission of providing loan guarantees for SMEs who have an economically sound project but cannot provide sufficient bankable collateral.

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