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The Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) is the only 100% state owned financial intermediary in Greece, which is functioning in reciprocity with the Greek banking sector. HDB is the reference institution for the provision of supplementary funding for the Greek market, and as such, a growth model for the Greek economy.

HDB’s vision is to be the key development institution, a multilateral development bank serving Greek enterprises’ needs to innovate and succeed.

HDB’s mission focuses on:

  • Enabling access to finance for Greek enterprises;
  • Creating value for our shareholders and our employees;
  • Generating an economic, social and environmental (ESG) impact.

Since 2020, HDB has been fully restructured with: a new operating model, a new management, a new organisational structure, a gender balance approach that breaks the “glass ceiling” (50% of employees are women), an increasing number of employees from the private sector responding to the needs of HDB’s transformation, a new corporate governance, automated procedures, a fintech strategy with established synergies and strategic relationships formed with significant financial institutions and consultants internationally.

  • HDB has currently more than bEUR 8.5 in loans under management, while starting with only mEUR 280 in 2020.
  • More than 41,000 new loans have been granted during the same period, contributing to the creation of more than 18,600 new jobs and with a time to market of 3 months.
  • The contribution to GDP reached the amount of bEUR 7.7. For every EUR 1 of GVA (Gross Value Added) created by HDB’s loan programmes, the bank contributed with an additional EUR 2 to Greece’s GDP.

As of end-2021, HDB had an outstanding guarantee volume of almost bEUR 4.5. It supported a total of more than 17,800 small and medium-sized companies.

AECM accession year2006
Legal formSociété Anonyme
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
Agriculture, Industry, Crafts, Retail, Liberal professions, Cooperatives
ProductsLoan guarantees, Advisory services, subsidised loans
Counter-guaranteeEU counter-guarantee

Athens/Brussels, 19th January 2023