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Founded in 1968 by and for entrepreneurs, SOCAMA is a mutual guarantee society that guarantees professional loans for customers of the Banque Populaire. SOCAMA supports entrepreneurs in achieving their creative, development and recovery projects.

Serving professionals as its core business, the 13 regional SOCAMAs united under the national federation are managed by trade experts who know their professions and their territories. Professionals bring their knowledge and validate the granting of the SOCAMA guarantee in the local credit committees.

SOCAMA shares the financing risk, facilitates also access to credit and thereby limits the use of the assets of borrowers in the event of company failure. To support entrepreneurs is to recognise their qualities and professional expertise.

As of end-2021, SOCAMA had an outstanding guarantee volume of bEUR 2. It supported a total of around 250,000 small and medium-sized companies.

AECM accession year1992 – founding member
Legal formAssociation
OwnershipPrivate – Mutual
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
Crafts, Retail, Liberal professions
ProductsLoan guarantees, Advisory
Counter-guaranteeEU counter-guarantee

Paris/Brussels, 14th November 2022