GF Vojvodina

16 Blvd Mihajla Pupina
21000 Novi sad

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GF Vojvodina

The Guarantee Fund of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina was established by the decision of the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina in 2003.

The fund was established with the task of facilitating access to the financial market and providing more favourable lending conditions than those offered by banks. The fund realises this task through its core activity, issuing guarantees to banks as a means of ensuring the orderly repayment of bank loans.

Mission of the Guarantee Fund of Vojvodina is:

  • to increase in employment and living standards
  • more dynamic and balanced regional development of Vojvodina in accordance with the National Strategy of Economic Development of the Republic of Serbia
  • export and improvement of the competitiveness of economic entities
  • establishment, start of work and development of business entities, whose founders are women and young people
  • integration of refugees, refugees and displaced persons
  • reduction in the level of efficiency of the interest rate on loans

The Fund provides credit lines to banks through the conclusion of agreements on business cooperation with banks that are ready to support the Fund’s programme activities and adapt the lending conditions (interest rate, term and method of loan repayment) to the conditions defined in the Fund’s Work Programme and tenders that the Fund announces for the approval of guarantees for securing loans intended for the financing of certain economic activities.

As of end-2021, GF Vojvodina had an outstanding guarantee volume of around mEUR 4.5 and supported 77 SMEs.

AECM accession year2015
Legal formFund
Geographical and sectoral coverageRegional
Agriculture, Industry, Crafts, Liberal professions
ProductsLoan guarantees, Project guarantees, Advisory services

Novi Sad/Brussels, 2nd January 2023