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The Greek Engineers and Public Works Contractors Fund, or TMEDE, was established in January 2017 with 31,000 individual members and 6,000 SMEs.

Its principal purpose is to provide financial services in the form of loans and guarantees, and it operates under the guiding principles of solidarity and equitable distribution of risk among its members. TMEDE is funded by the proceeds of its financial activities, the returns on its assets and the contributions of its members, who are presently active engineers, designers, scientists, and public works contractors.

The Fund’s services are constantly being modernized, with conventional components of its business being turned into integrated, creative digital offerings. As the first and most innovative integrated digital service provider, it has reaffirmed its commitment to high-quality services by renewing two important certifications, ISO 37001: 2016- Anti-Bribery Management System and ISO 19600:2014 – Compliance Management System.

TMEDE and the Hellenic Development Bank (HDB) have successfully collaborated to create a new financial tool aiming to support the construction industry, providing guarantees on loans granted by the cooperating banks; a solution that has been recognized and appreciated by AECM.

TMEDE is actively participating, together with the US-based Ellington Investment Fund, in the complete transformation and development of Attica Bank through its privatization on market terms aiming at its subsequent transformation and expansion as one of the main banks of the Construction sector professionals and SMEs.  

In December 2021, TMEDE established a new microfinance institution, “TMEDE Microfinance Solutions”, licensed by the Bank of Greece. This innovative financial tool meets the needs of TMEDE’s members for seamless access to funding, especially for those who are just starting out in their careers.

As a member of the TMEDE Group, Attica Bank Properties handles the provision of reliable real-estate services and creative solutions as regards conducting valuations, consulting, asset management and development, to meet every client-partner’s needs.

AECM accession year2018
Legal formNot-for-Profit Organization operating under Greek Private Law
OwnershipPrivate – Mutual
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
SMEs, Constructions sector professionals (i.e., engineers, architects, landscape designers, topographic designers, and others)
ProductsTender guarantees, Performance guarantees, Advance Payment guarantees, Microloans, Real-estate Advisory services, Guaranteed loans.
Counter-guaranteeNo counter-guarantee

Athens/Brussels, 12th December 2022