COVID-19 Information

*** The AECM brochure on the covid measures of our members is out. Have a look under this link ***

AECM contributed to the OECD in-depth analysis of one year of SME and entrepreneurship policy responses to COVID-19

Guarantee institutions stand ready to support SMEs that are under pressure in times of economic distress caused by the outbreak of COVID-19. Many of them reacted in no time, setting up specific support schemes with favourable conditions. Read more about their actions as well as our requests to EU decision-takers here: Press release

AECM members inform about the measures they adopt to support SMEs through the covid crisis on dedicated web pages, in FAQs, via hotlines and so on. Please find here a list of links to the information pages.

Demand for guarantees exploded in the month of April 2020 and guarantee institutions do what they can to respond to this increased demand. Find here a hand-out giving an – of course non-exhaustive – overview of efforts undertaken by our members

Following an agreement between the European Commission and the EIB Group, on 6th April 2020, the EIF announced a top-up of the funding of the EU financial instruments COSME and InnovFin with favourable conditions. AECM warmly thanks the Commission as well as EIB and EIF for their swift and pertinent reaction to the corona crisis. Read more in our press release.

On 27th May, the European Commission presented its updated proposal for the next Multiannual Financial Framework (MFF) including a recovery fund. Please find under this link the first reaction of AECM on this proposal.

On 2nd June, AECM Special Honorary Chairman José Fernando Figueiredo presented the measures of AECM members to mitigate the economic consequences of the covid pandemic at an OECD webinar. Have a look at his presentation under this link.

AECM members took extensive measures to support SMEs throughout the pandemic. From 30th November 2020 on, we are publishing one member sheet per working day in order to present you the measures taken by guarantee institutions. These sheets are work in process and will be updated as new measures are notified. Follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter and/or Facebook to receive updates:

aws / Austria – 30th November 2020

CMZRB / Czechia – 1st December 2020

PMV/z Waarborgen / Belgium – 2nd December 2020 – updated on 21st January 2021

SIAGI / France – 3rd December 2020

Finnvera / Finland – 4th December 2020

Bpifrance / France – 7th December 2020

VDB / Germany – 8th December 2020

FNGCIMM / Romania – 9th December 2020

SBCI / Ireland – 10th December 2020

AVHGA / Hungary – 11th December 2020

MDB / Malta – 14th December 2020

NÖBEG / Austria – 15th December 2020 – updated on 2nd February 2021

HDB / Greece – 16th December 2020

MGFSME / Bulgaria – 17th December 2020

MC / Luxembourg – 18th December 2020

CESGAR / Spain – 4th January 2021 – updated on 2nd February 2021

SOCAMA / France – 5th January 2021

Garantiqa / Hungary – 6th January 2021

BGK / Poland – 7th January 2021

SOWALFIN / Belgium – 8th January 2021

Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie / Belgium – 11th January 2021

KCGF / Kosovo – 12th January 2021

ALTUM / Latvia – 13th January 2021

ISMEA / Italy – 14th January 2021

TESKOMB / Turkey – 15th January 2021

TMEDE / Greece – 18th January 2021

SEF / Slovenia – 21st January 2021 – updated on 3rd February 2021

KredEx / Estonia – 25th January 2021

MCGF / Azerbaijan – 25th January 2021

INVEGA / Lithuania – 26th January 2021

HAMAG-BICRO / Croatia – 28th January 2021

Assoconfidi / Italy – 28th January 2021

KGF / Turkey – 29th January 2021

BBB / UK – 2nd February 2021

RVO / Netherlands – 2nd February 2021

FSECA / Russia – 3rd February 2021

Garfondas / Lithuania -3rd February 2021

BPF / Portugal – 5th February 2021

GF Vojvodina / Serbia – 8th February 2021

GF Srpska / Bosnia and Herzegovina – 9th February 2021