Katrin Sturm
Secretary General

Katrin has been working in Brussels since 2001. At AECM since November 2013, Katrin has worked for the Confederation of German Employers’ Associations (BDA), for the German Savings Banks Association (DSGV) as well as for the German Confederation of Skilled Crafts and Small Businesses (ZDH) being at the same time the EU Representative of the Association of German Guarantee Banks (VDB).

She graduated from the University of Passau (Germany) in Law, was at the University of Angers (France) for the Erasmus project, then passed the second state exam in law in Potsdam (Germany), and finally acquired a Master of Law from the University of Aberdeen (Scotland). 

Next to her mother tongue German Katrin speaks English, French, Italian and Spanish, understands Dutch and reads Portuguese. Katrin is Honorary Consultant of Taiwan SMEG, a credit guarantee institution specialized in supporting SMEs in Taiwan in getting access to finance. She is married and has three children.



Eleonora Censorii
Office, events and communications manager
With a degree in Museum Anthropology from the University of Rome “Sapienza”, Eleonora has worked for many years in the digital sector as project manager and as communications officer for cultural sector associations. At AECM she takes care part-time of events, communications and office management. The rest of the time she manages her own company, Destination Everywhere Accessible Travel, a website dedicated to travel for people with disabilities.



Felicia Covalciuc
Policy Officer
Agriculture, State Aid, Structural Funds

Felicia, who has the Moldavian and Romanian nationality, studied European Law at Alexandru Ioan Cuza University, Romania, as well as Political Science at Bologna University, Italy. She complemented her professional profile with a traineeship at the European Commission, Directorate-General for Migration and Home Affairs, and used to work for the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Moldova. At AECM, Felicia is responsible for Agriculture, State Aid and Structural Funds policy dossiers including the responsibilities for the corresponding AECM working groups. Next to her mother tongue Romanian, Felicia also speaks English, Italian and Russian.



Felix Haas

Head of Unit
EU Financial Instruments, SME Policy,Banking Regulation, Statistics

Felix has a master’s degree of Strasbourg University in Economics and European Policies. He has been working in project finance and in the EU political representation of small and medium-sized enterprises. Before joining AECM, he was working for the German AECM-member VDB as a permanent representative to the EU.  At AECM, Felix is responsible for EU Financial Instruments, Banking Regulation and Statistics. Besides his mother tongue German, he speaks English, French and Italian.



Jean-Louis Leloir
Special Adviser to the Board of Directors 



Andy Ray Condori Marino

Andy has Peruvian origins and was raised in Italy. He is completing his studies in Business Administration and Management at the SAA – School of Management in Turin (Italy). He also studied Business Administration in the Faculties of Economics in Salamanca (Spain) and Zagreb (Croatia). He is currently doing an internship at AECM which will allow him to achieve his bachelor’s degree in March 2019. Besides Spanish and Italian, his mother tongues, Andy is also fluent in English. He is passionate about gastronomy, oenology and also fitness.