AECM was founded in 1992 under the Belgian Association Act (AECM is an International Non Profit Association – AISBL).
It operates as an open, democratic organisation, independent of any political or financial group.

AECM has the following statutory bodies:

General Assembly

All members are represented in the General Assembly (GA), which elects the Board of Directors and approves of the general policy guidelines as well as the budgets, financial statements and activity report. The GA also decides on membership admissions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors (BoD) deals with the immediate political issues of the Association and gives the Secretariat General input on the daily management of the Association. It represents the positions of the member organisations. It also approves all documentation to be submitted to the GA. It meets at least three times per year. Click here to consult the current composition of the BoD, as elected in 2013 during the General Assembly of Rome.

Aside from the statutory bodies, AECM also has its:


which supports the Board of Directors and

Working Groups

which are open to all member organizations and deal with specific issues on which the Association wants to cooperate operationally or establish a political decision on. Working Groups meet on an ad-hoc basis. They are managed by the Secretariat and presided by a member of the Board of Directors.