Fedart Fidi

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Fedart Fidi

Fedart Fidi is the National Federation of Artisanal and SME Credit Guarantees, established in 1994 by the initiative of the Confederations Confartigianato, CNA, and Casartigiani to represent the credit guarantee system for artisans and SMEs at the national level. To achieve these objectives, the Federation focuses its activities on the following areas:

  • Representation to protect the interests of Credit Guarantee Consortia (Confidi) in favor of improved access to credit for their SME members;
  • Systematic strategic projects to guide the strategic choices of Confidi towards unified development lines;
  • Tailored services to best meet the specific needs of affiliated Confidi.

In its role as a national representative Federation, Fedart Fidi is entrusted with the interests of the majority of Italian Confidi. Currently, it boasts the membership of 74 Confidi – including 13 under the supervision of the Bank of Italy and 61 under the supervision of the Minor Credit Guarantee Organizations – and interfaces with the European Investment Bank (EIB) and the European Investment Fund (EIF).

Thus, Fedart Fidi’s actions are aimed at enhancing the institutional mission of its member Confidi, particularly in supporting and facilitating access to credit for the SMEs associated with them. This action necessitates frequent and continuous dialogue with major national institutions, in addition to strategic coordination and guidance for federated structures. Together, these factors have so far facilitated the dissemination of best practices within the system and the market, the development of skills, the professionalization of human resources, and the enhancement of the quality of services offered to SMEs.

AECM accession year2024
Legal formAssociation
Ownershipfunded by SME’s
Geographical and sectoral coverageRegional, National
ProductsGuarantee, Counter-garantee, Co-garantee
Counter-guaranteeLocal, Regional, and National counter-guarantee