Fonds Bruxellois de Garantie – Brussels Waarborgfonds

Wolstraat 70
1000 Bruxelles

+32 02 5482210
+32 02 5482210

Year of creation
individual entities or association
Type of organization
National Promotional Bank (NPB), National Promotional Institution (NPI), Private, Mutual, Mixed
Product typology
guarantee or counter-guarantee or co-guarantee
Profit / Non-profit oriented
dividends to public shareholders are not considered as profit orientation
Non profit
Supervision statute
i.e. mono-product banking licenses, financial intermediary statute, non-supervised. For associations, please state statute of members
Size of businesses supported
i.e. large companies, SMEs, micro-enterprises, independent/self-employed
SMEs (commission recommendation 2003/361 concerning the definition of sme), micro-enterprises, independent)
Sectorial focus
i.e. agriculture, industry, crafts, retail, liberal professions, cooperatives, etc.
All sector except 1° sectors described in the commission regulation to de minimis aid 2° hospital, solicitor, bailiff
Geographic coverage
i.e. local, regional, national
Regional (Brussels only)
Structure / Network
i.e. central scheme with regional offices, central scheme only, association network
Central scheme only
Legal form
of single guarantee entity or association: i.e. fund, development bank, development agency, cooperative or mutual societies, bank, foundation, association, limited company, etc.
Public establishment
Shareholder structure
Private / Public (in %)
100% public
i.e. fully mutual, funded by SMEs, banking associations, fully public, fully private, private-public, mixed models
Fully public