Garanzia Etica

Via Nervi 18 - Z.I. Casic est
09067 Elmas (CA)

Garanzia Etica

Garanzia Etica is a financial intermediary supervised by the Bank of Italy since 2010. Founded in 1975, Garanzia Etica is accompanying businesses, supporting their investments and growth, and facilitating the fulfilment of their financial needs by identifying the most appropriate technical forms and available facilitating measures.

In line with market developments, Garanzia Etica has followed a path that has led to the development and implementation of financial solutions with a high advisory content that are increasingly customised and specialised for businesses. The main success factor has always been to put the company and its needs at the centre, with the ultimate goal of facilitating access to the credit market.

Garanzia Etica has a capillary presence throughout the country, through a distribution network of specialised consultants, able to best possible assessment of each entrepreneurial project and provide support for correct investment planning. In addition to facilitating access to credit for companies, it offers BPO solutions to credit institutions and financial intermediaries for the management and optimisation of business processes.

In addition to the recognition of “Authorised Confidi” by the Public Guarantee Fund with which it has been operating for almost 30 years, Garanzia Etica is in possession of the legality rating with the maximum score of three stars attributed by the Competition and Market Authority AGCM.

As of end 2022, Garanzia Etica had an outstanding guarantee volume of around mEUR 180 and supported almost 4,800 SMEs.

AECM accession year2023
Legal formJoint-stock cooperative society
OwnershipPrivate (Mutual)
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
All sectors
ProductsLoan guarantees, loans, advisory, minibonds

Elmas/Brussels, 22nd February 2023