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INVEGA is a financial entity incorporated by the State. Its main objectives are as follows: provision of financial services and implementation and administration of financial and other support measures for businesses.

In 2018, the Lithuanian government granted the status of a national promotional institution to INVEGA. It is since then performing the NPI functions in the fields of commencement, implementation and development of operations (including innovations) of different business entities.

The operations of INVEGA are aimed to implement State-financed measures intended to support business to create and/or retain jobs and improve competitiveness. Some of the INVEGA’s measures and activities are implemented and financed using State budget funds, monies returned to the Fund of Funds managed by INVEGA and monies from the 2014–2020 European structural and investment funds.

Until 30 September 2022, INVEGA had an outstanding guarantee volume of more than mEUR 358 and supported around 2,400 business entities.

AECM accession year2003
Legal formLimited Company
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
Industry, crafts, retail, liberal professions, cooperatives, for undertakings which are active in such sectors as transport, logistic, processing, tourism.
ProductsLoan guarantees, leasing guarantees, factoring guarantees, performance guarantees, export credit guarantees, equity, soft loans, subsidies, advisory
Counter-guaranteeNational and EU counter-guarantee

Vilnius/Brussels, 14th December 2022