How to apply for a guarantee

Guarantee institutions usually market their guarantees through the network of partner banks. There are two ways the guarantee is issued through the banks:

Guarantee approach

The SME applies to the guarantee institution via the bank. The guarantee institution performs a detailed analysis of the project’s qualitative potential. On a positive assessment, guarantee is issued to the bank on behalf of the SME.

Portfolio guarantee approach

The guarantee institution provides the respective partner banks / banking networks with a global guarantee amount. The banks can call on this amount without having to obtain the individual approval by the guarantee scheme. The agreement between the banks and the guarantee schemes usually fix a loss cap rate as well as reporting requirements and inspection rights. The global amount is renegotiated regularly on the basis of the used volumes and the respect of the contractual obligations.


An SME which does not have sufficient collateral to obtain a loan should either ask its bank on how to apply for a guarantee or contact directly the guarantee scheme in its respective country.


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