National Development Bank (Národní rozvojová banka)

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General Information
Národní rozvojová banka (NRB) / National Development Bank (NDB) is a specialised state-owned banking institution aimed at contributing to sustainable economic development of the Czech Republic. It is the main provider of financial instruments funded from public and European resources as well as from own resources and in cooperation with private capital. It has become an important partner for the central state administration authorities, state funds, regions, municipalities and the private sector, particularly small and medium-sized enterprises.

Legal status
NDB is a joint stock company, instituted pursuant to the Banking Act (No. 21/1992 Coll.). Its shareholder, the Czech Republic, is represented by the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Ministry of Regional Development and the Ministry of Finance. NDB is located in Prague with regional branches in Brno, Hradec Králové, Ostrava, Pilsen and an office in České Budějovice.

NDB was established on 28 January 1992 as the Czech-Moravian Guarantee and Development Bank (ČMZRB). Since the beginning, it has primarily focused on providing support to SMEs through bank guarantees and preferential loans. In the following years, the bank introduced programs for financing housing development and municipal infrastructure. It also served as a manager of infrastructure loans from the European Investment Bank. When the Czech Republic joined the European Union in May 2004, the bank has assumed the role of the manager of ESIF-funded financial instruments, enabling it to support new segments of the market. In almost three decades of its existence, the ČMZRB has financed over 114,000 projects with directly provided or guaranteed loans in the total amount of CZK 477 billion (EUR 19bn). Since 1 September 2021, the bank has been renamed to the National Development Bank.

Current mission
The NDB is a national promotional bank able to provide tailored services to wide range of clients. Its mission, as defined by the 2020-2023 strategy, is based on three pillars.

The first pillar is to continue in financing investment and operational needs of Czech enterprises. In cooperation with the Ministry of Industry and Trade, a wide spectrum of financial tools is offered to clients – guarantees, loans, and equity and quasi-equity instruments. While debt financing is provided by the NDB itself, (quasi)equity financing is provided by its subsidiary company the National Development Investments (est. 2019).

Under the second pillar, the NDB supports specific segments of the Czech economy in cooperation with ministries, regions or cities/municipalities. This pillar covers programs for enterprises (financing of energy efficiency measures, innovation, social enterprises, local micro-enterprises, enterprises investing in developing countries) as well as loans for municipalities

The third pillar focuses on project financing of public infrastructure, particularly transport, social, energetic, environmental and digital infrastructure. This pillar is covered by the NDB (loans, subordinated loans, guarantees) and its two subsidiary companies – the National Development Investments (equity or mezzanine financing) and the National Development Fund, which became fully operational in February 2021 (mezzanine and junior financing, PPP financing).

In all these three pillars, the NDB Group continuously develops capacity to offer advisory services and solutions for clients. Currently, advisory services are available for social enterprises, energy efficiency and EPC projects and project financing of public infrastructure.

Year of creation
individual entities or association
Type of organization
National Promotional Bank (NPB), National Promotional Institution (NPI), Private, Mutual, Mixed
Type of scheme
guarantee or counter-guarantee
Product typology
guarantee or counter-guarantee or co-guarantee
Counter Guarantee (providing only one counter-guarantee for COSME)
i.e. fully mutual, funded by SMEs, banking associations, fully public, fully private, private-public, mixed models
Fully state-owned banking entity
Shareholder structure
Private / Public (in %)
Czech Republic - 100% shareholder
Legal form
of single guarantee entity or association: i.e. fund, development bank, development agency, cooperative or mutual societies, bank, foundation, association, limited company, etc.
Joint stock company
Structure / Network
i.e. central scheme with regional offices, central scheme only, association network
Headquarters and branch network
Geographic coverage
i.e. local, regional, national
Sectorial focus
i.e. agriculture, industry, crafts, retail, liberal professions, cooperatives, etc.
All sectors except for agriculture, fishery, forestry and mining
Size of businesses supported
i.e. large companies, SMEs, micro-enterprises, independent/self-employed
SMEs (primarily), Micro-enterprises, Independent/self-employed, Large enterprises
Supervision statute
i.e. mono-product banking licenses, financial intermediary statute, non-supervised. For associations, please state statute of members
Supervised by the Czech National Bank
Profit / Non-profit oriented
dividends to public shareholders are not considered as profit orientation
Non-profit oriented
Are you/your members financial intermediary for EU-programmes?
CIP/COSME or Structural funds or Progress or RSI/RSFF Horizon 2020
COSME, EU Structural funds - ERDF
Types of guarantee products provided by your organisation/your membersPortfolio/individual guarantees
Other SME support instruments offered by your organisation/your members
Subsidized loans or Mezzanine financing or Venture capital or Coaching or Mediation services
Preferential loans, equity support, mezzanine financing, advisory services, financial contributions (e.g. loans/guarantees subsidies)
Is the activity subject to state aid regulation?Yes
Do you (your members) use..?
De minimis or GBER or Regional guidelines or Notification
De minimis, GBER
Do you (your members) dispose of an internal rating/scoring system?Yes
Do your guarantees provide deponderation (capital relief) for member banks subject to capital requirements (Basel agreement)?Yes (for member/cooperating banks)
Do you (your members) benefit of a public counter-guarantee that allows deponderation (capital relief)?No


Table presenting the range of Products of National Development Bank (NDB)
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