ODA / Moldova

ODA / Moldova

The Organisation for Entrepreneurship Development (ODA) is a public institution under the Ministry of Economy with the mission to support the development of the entrepreneurial environment, including micro, small and medium enterprises, by promoting entrepreneurial culture, providing financial and technical assistance to companies, issuing financial and state guarantees, and providing business support infrastructure.

ODA has the following objectives:

  • support the development of entrepreneurship;
  • provide non-reimbursable financial assistance;
  • strengthen the capacity of enterprises for efficient business administration, by providing training, mentoring, consulting and support infrastructure;
  • facilitate access to finance by issuing financial and state guarantees;
  • ensure the public-private dialogue.

As of end 2021, ODA had an outstanding guarantee volume of almost EUR 20.5 million and supported around 470 SMEs.


AECM accession year


Legal form

Public Institution, the Credit Guarantee Fund (CGF) being an autonomous internal subdivision in ODAs organisational structure, without legal personality



Geographical and sectoral coverage


All sectors (with a few exceptions)


Loan guarantees, housing guarantees, export loan guarantees, grants, advisory


No counter-guarantee

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