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Slovenian Regional Development Fund (SRDF) acts as one of the key institutions of regional development policy in Slovenia since 1995. It aims for a more sustainable achievement of long-term public goals in the development of regions, rural areas and protected areas. Beneficiaries are SME’s, farmers, holdings, co-operatives, municipalities and non- profit organisations. As a primary form of incentive, the Fund grants loans with a favourable interest rate and a long maturity. Other forms are guarantees, subsidies, soft loans, capital investments and pre-financing. The Fund also plays an important role in European territorial cooperation as a Certifying Authority for cross- border projects: Slovenia- Austria, Slovenia- Hungary and Slovenia- Croatia.

As of end-2021, SRDF had an outstanding guarantee volume of around mEUR 1.6 and supported around 150 SMEs.

AECM accession year2015
Legal formFund
Geographical and sectoral coverageNational
All sectors
ProductsLoan guarantees, Subsidised loans, Equity products

Ribnica/Brussels, 3rd January 2023